We believe chemistry is a beautiful thing. Our arsenal of trusted surfactants and specialty polymers will provide the ingredients you need to solve your most complex problems.

The driving force behind these high-performance ingredients? Our proven chemistry:

Cationic Surfactants

Nouryon is one of the world's leading suppliers of fatty amines and their derivatives. We offer primary, secondary and tertiary amines – cationic surfactants that are based on alkyl groups ranging from C8 to C22, with C12 to C18 chain lengths the most predominant.

Many applications are possible using these fatty-alkyl amine surfactants, and their uses include chemical intermediates, essential processing aids, and functional ingredients in many applications.

Quaternary amines are higher derivatives of the fatty amines. The fatty alkyl quaternary amines offer additional versatility to the formulation chemist. Quaternary amines maintain the properties of the fatty amines, as well as offering high levels of water solubility than the amines themselves.

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Nonionic Surfactants

We offer a wide variety of choices in nonionic surfactants for the formulator.

These products include a line of ethoxylated alkyl phenols, glycol esters, and block co-polymer products; a line of triglyceride ethoxylates; alkanolamides products; Armotan sorbitan ester ethoxylated products; linear and branched alcohol alkoxylate products; fatty alcohol ethoxylates; and the Berol® line of high performance nonionic surfactants.

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Anionic Surfactants

We offer anionic surfactants with sulfonate, sulfonic acid, sulfate, phosphate, or carboxylic acid groups. In all cases these products carry a negative (anionic) charge.

Our product offering includes lines of carboxylic acid products, sulfosuccinate products, alkyl naphthalene sulfonate products, phosphate ester products, alkyl ether, and alkyl sulfate products, alpha olefin and alkyl lauryl sulfonate products, as well as sulfonic acid products.

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Specialty Polymers

Polymer modification and production capabilities differentiate surfactants with both natural and synthetic polymers.

Polymer technologies can be modified to customize their attributes such as: charge, substantivity, controlled release, film and barrier properties, solution properties, adhesion, rheology modification and colloidal stabilization.

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