Our dispersants not only keep particles evenly dispersed in a solution, but also offer superior benefits of stabilization, crystal inhibition, anti-flocculation.

Our Strength Becomes your Competitive Advantage

Dispersing agents are essential ingredients in Agro formulations where the active ingredient cannot be solubilized easily in the given solvent. 

To suit your formulation type and specific formulation challenges, we offer guide recipes to mix and match our polymeric dispersants, naphthalene sulfonate dispersants, wetting agents and solvents to deliver an optimal solution.

Agrilan 1028: An optimized phosphate ester for high-electrolyte systems

Agrilan 1028 dispersant facilitates the compatibility of pesticides in fertilizer solutions and in multi-active tank mixes. It also allows the dilution of pesticide SCs into fertilizers and aids the mixing of multiple actives in tank mix formulations, preventing flocculation and sedimentation.

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Product Lines

Morwet® naphthalene sulfonates are a range of dispersants with industry-leading, best-in-class performance and value in use. They have good hard water tolerance, work equally well in liquid and dry formulations, and play a flexible role in maintaining dispersion and stability. Experienced formulators trust Morwet for its reliable performance and consistent high quality.

Agrilan® polyacrylate co-polymers are specialty polymeric dispersants that boost the quality and compatibility of your formulation. They allow you to solve the most vexing challenges in suspension concentrates and granular formulations.

Our polymeric dispersants provide:

  • Superb stability and dispersion under stressful conditions
  • Easy-to-handle usability
  • Excellent anti-crystallizing and anti-settling properties