Developing surfactants is our core business, which is why our emulsifiers and wetting agents are some of the most versatile and cost effective in the market.

Unique Surfactants to Meet your Toughest Challenges

Our wide range of emulsifiers, known by the Agrilan®, Berol®, Emulpon®, Ethylan®, Lankropol®, Witconate® and Sponto® brand names, can be used singularly or blended to match your ideal oil emulsion or other solvent systems.

The Berol® and Sponto® line (noionic/anionic) are specialty emulsifying agent pre-blends or do-it-yourself blends for which recipes are provided for a variety of formulations, including emulsifiable concentrates, oil in water emulsions, microemulsions, and more.

The versatility of our product line and our expert guidance will help you craft the perfect formula.