We've been proudly serving the road and pavement industry across the globe since the 1940s.

We continue to provide quality technical support and deliver solutions that promote reliable emulsification and adhesion for asphalt applications. Working with our Asphalt team gives you access to:

  • Proven high quality products for various asphalt applications
  • A highly skilled team dedicated to our asphalt customers
  • Tailored guidance based on local specifications and materials
  • Well-equipped research and technical support laboratories all over the world

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New Product Spotlight

Redicote E-4900

High quality emulsions at low emulsifier dosage

Redicote® E-4900 is a 100% active high viscosity building liquid Cationic Rapid Set (CRS) emulsifier that gives high quality emulsions at low emulsifier dosage.

It also offers higher demulsibility compared to Redicote E-4819 and lower breaking index compared to Redicote EM24, which should promote faster break in surface dressing and/or chip seal applications. 

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