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Emulsion Additives
Enhances emulsification of difficult binders and improves compatibility of SBS with bitumen
Cationic Quick-Set Slurry/Microsurfacing
Good cohesion building, value for money. Can be used together with Redicote C-500
Consistent performance with medium reactive aggregates and high acid value bitumens
Versatile emulsifier which works with a wide range of aggregates and in hot weather
Cationic Rapid-Set Surface Dressing/Chipseal
Highest viscosity building in cationic rapid and medium set emulsions - saving binder costs. Good emulsion quality at low dose, suitable for polymer-modified emulsions. Provides good adhesion
Liquid emulsifier providing emulsion of medium viscosity, good quality and storage stability, at low dosage
Cationic Slow-Set Various Applications
Excellent emulsion quality at low dosage. Can be used without acid in the soap
Non-flammable version of Redicote E-11 for safer handling
Proven emulsifier for cationic super-stable emulsions with a wide range of applications
Anionic Slow-Set Various Applications
Versatile emulsifier which produces very good quality emulsions. Easy to handle and can function both in anionic and cationic emulsions. Used in many applications
Adhesion Promotors/Antistrips
100% active lower odor antistrip that provides the best value for the money
Adhesion promoter with good active adhesion properties. Suitable for soft bitumen mixes
Adhesion promoter which provides the best value for money
Warm-Mix Additives
Provides the best performance in terms of compaction and as antistripping additive
Adhesion Promoters and Patch mix Additives
Additive for patch mixes which provides active adhesion and prolongs the workability of the mix