Warm Mix Technology Minimizes the Impact

Our superior warm mix additives deliver exceptional compaction, coating and moisture resistance. 

An Environmentally Friendly Solution

Reduce emissions and fumes during production and paving by lowering the temperature of the mix

Build longer lasting roads using high-quality materials and good construction practices

Prevent premature moisture damage to enhance durability

An Overview

The asphalt industry is constantly analyzing ways to reduce the impact of road construction and maintenance on the environment.

The use of warm mix asphalt technology to reduce emissions during mix production and paving at lower temperatures not only reduces the carbon foot print of asphalt but also helps to reduce the amount of expensive fuel needed. In addition, it greatly reduces vapors and aerosols behind the paver which provide a much better working environment for the paving crew.

A sustainable focus

Utilizing recycled and locally sourced materials greatly reduces the energy required to transport large quantities of aggregate, which also minimizes the impact on the environment. Nouryon asphalt additives are designed to work with local materials that may be prone to stripping, and includes additives specially designed to work with RAP (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavements).

Rediset® LQ warm mix additives provide certain unique benefits in addition to the general properties of lowering mixing and compaction temperatures. Rediset® additives provide superior compaction and improved moisture resistance properties, thereby resulting in longer lasting roads.


Freshly paved road set against pine trees and snow-topped mountains