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The Influence of Third-party Certifiers on the European Cleaning Market

By: S. Holt, J. Velasquez | Published in SOFW Journal

Consumers today are increasingly aware of the responsibility to themselves and the environment in the selection of the cleaning products that they use in their homes. A move towards low toxicity, sustainably sourced formulations is already happening, supported by third party certifiers such as the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and EU Ecolabel, who are creating an aspiration and recognition of more sustainable cleaning products with consumers.

This trend will continue to accelerate, necessitating as it does, innovation and reformulation that delivers on consumer demand for high performance cleaning, whilst minimizing the impact on the environment.

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High Performance Cleaning in Challenging, Highly Alkaline Applications

By: O. Forsberg, J. Velasquez, S. Muresan, S. Holt | Published in SOFW Journal

The demands of high performance cleaning especially in high electrolyte cleaning products can require uncommon surfactant properties to be effective various applications. In particular, highly alkaline formulations are shown to be most effective for removal of stubborn greasy or burnt on stains. However, such alkalinity also destabilizes many common surfactants, making the formulation of concentrated alkaline cleaners challenging; a problem similarly faced where high chelating agent loads are desired.

We present findings from the development of two cleaner ingredients – Berol LFG 61 and Berol DGR 81, which have very different behaviors in use that can provide formulation performance-enhancement to many challenging applications. In this article, we will show these products deliver excellent performance in high caustic soda or chelating agent formulations – with one providing medium/ high foaming, and the other very low/no foaming.

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Enhancing Specialty Surfactants Bio-based Content without Sacrificing Performance – Narrow Range Ethoxylates

By: S. Holt, J. Velasquez, S. Muresan, O. Forsberg | Published in SOFW Journal

The consumer attitude toward household cleaning products is changing. No longer are cost and performance the only considerations. The consumer is increasingly aware that they need to make careful selection of products.

In this paper we explore an example of how it is possible to increase the bio-based content of a class of specialty surfactants – narrow range ethoxylates, which have historically been of synthetic origin. By switching to a natural, vegetable-based hydrophobe, sourced via a sustainable supply chain (RSPO), we can better meet customer expectation, and will demonstrate that the same high performance of the cleaning ingredient can be fully maintained. In so doing, we provide formulators the option to develop more bio-based, high-performance cleaning formulations, with ingredients that also qualify as EU Ecolabel.

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