Our technologies and expertise deliver the essential functionalities you need to create the finest personal care products.

Our range of aesthetic modifiers, conditioning agents, rheology modifiers, film-formers, cleansing agents, emulsifiers and active ingredients provide you with easy-to-use solutions for formulating innovative and sustainable products. We strive to help you set the standard for performance and consumer appeal.

Our scientific approach to innovation and best-in-class technologies — including polymers, bio-polymers and surfactants — is the backbone of our ingredient development. We enable formulators to create efficient products that meet market trends with sensorial characteristics and benefits that match consumer expectations. 

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New Product Spotlight: Dermacryl X

DERMACRYL® X provides water and rub-off resistance for reliable high SPF systems with pleasing aesthetics in both inorganic and organic systems delivered from an emulsion base. This polymer also requires no heat or neutralization and can be easily incorporated into emulsion-based sunscreens to help simplify the formulation process.

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