Our mono and di-alkyl quats and polymers work across the spectrum of shampoos and conditioners to improve wet comb, detangling, and hair feel while enhancing appearance. Our quaternary surfactants offer superior wet and dry combing of hair with excellent sensory properties.

We also offer a range of cationic conditioning agents and polyquaternium polymers to help improve wet and dry comb, enhance shine, fight frizz in hair styling applications, as well as options mild enough for use in leave-on skin care products.

Featured Products

Product INCI Name Description
ARMOCARE® APA 18V Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine

Naturally derived, ARMOCARE® APA 18 V is a high performance conditioning agent , emulsifier and viscosity booster that can be used also used in shampoos. Readily biodegradable, it provides conditioning without build up. Available and approved in China and South America.

ARMOCARE® VGH-70 Dipalmitoylethyl Dimonium Chloride

ARMOCARE® VGH-70 is a readily biodegradable, sustainable vegetable-derived conditioning agent that provides conditioning without build-up to a variety of personal care applications, from conditioning shampoos to hair treatment formulations. Easy to process, it enables minimal energy consumption and its available worldwide.

ARQUAD® PC SV-60 PG Soytrimonium Chloride (and) Propylene Glycol ARQUAD® PC SV-60 PG is a vegetable-derived, biodegradable cationic conditioning agent that also performs as an emulsifier. Due to its cationic nature and unique structure, it is substantive to both hair and skin. Available and approved globally. 
CELQUAT® SC-140CG Polyquaternium-10 CELQUAT® SC-140CG polymer enables formulators to create light conditioning in personal care formulations. This water-soluble modified cellulosic conditioning agent is uniquely designed to be surfactant compatible delivering clearer solutions than cationic guars and starch polymers. CELQUAT SC-140CG does not negatively impact foam properties and provides a pseudoplastic rheology to surfactant systems. 
CELQUAT® SC-240C Polyquaternium-10 CELQUAT SC-240C is a surfactant compatible cationic polymer that provides medium conditioning to hair and skin care formulations. This water soluble modified cellulosic polymer enables highly clear formulations while building viscosity. CELQUAT SC-240C is preservative free, non-GMO polymer. It enables products that provide excellent detangling of wet hair and improved combing and conditioned feel to dry hair. 
CELQUAT® SC-230M  Polyquaternium-10 CELQUAT® SC-230M polymer is a naturally derived cationic conditioning polymer designed to provide medium to high conditioning to hair care formulations. It shows excellent coacervation profile and deposition performance. With CELQUAT SC 230-M, formulators can achieve effective thickening performance and significantly better clarity than using cationic guars and starch-based conditioning polymers. 

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