Our surfactants have a significant impact on the viscose process. Below you’ll find an overview of our main additives and their primary functions:

Pulp Reactivity Additive 

  • Provides good wetting properties of the lye solution to the dissolving pulp
  • Delivers good and uniform penetration of the lye solution to the pulp
  • Improves efficiency of alkalization of the dissolving pulp
  • Reduces the interfacial tension between CS2 and alkali cellulose
  • Improves reaction of alkali cellulose and CS2
  • Less CS2 is needed to obtain a good viscose
  • Uniform reaction with less formation of gel particles
  • Minimizes negative effects of the pulp resins and reduces fluctuations in reactivity due to change of pulp


Process Additive

  • Helps particles to be well dispersed and prevents formation of agglomerates
  • Prevents deposits
  • Improves spinnability



  • Improves the tenacity of the fiber
  • Decreases deposits
  • Has low foaming properties in the spin bath


Spin Additive

  • Improves spinneret life
  • Reduces cleaning operations
  • Improves spinnability
  • Improves fiber quality
  • Works at extremely high salt concentration