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The following unique and patented polymers are ideal for dispersion, scale inhibition, and scale control, making them an excellent choice to address your cooling and boiler water treatment needs. Through Direct Chemistry, you'll be able to order:

Aquatreat AR-232

Superior thermal stability over polyacrylic acid (PAA) and polymaleic acid (PMA) in low low temperature applications.

Aquatreat AR-707

General purpose dispersant and inhibitor for phosphate scale control.

Aquatreat AR-708

One single product for calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, silicate and iron oxide dispersancy.

Aquatreat AR-802

Commonly used polymer for carbonate scale control.

Aquatreat AR-540

A unique sulfonated copolymer to inhibit Calcium Phosphate in stressed water conditions.

Versaflex ONE

Has the unique property of controlling calcium phosphate, iron and zinc, making for a product with truly differentiated performance.

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In-Depth Analysis: New Whitepapers Released

Nouryon's Water Treatment team recently released three whitepapers that focus on long chain fatty amines and their derivatives, the role of hydrophobic modifications of polymers for scale control, and non-phosphorus/non-P based scale inhibitors for calcium carbonate scale control.

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