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Long chain fatty amines and their derivatives for corrosion protection in water treatment applications

By Fred Gadberry, PhD; Brant Richmond and Klin Rodrigues, PhD.

A simple and effective way of reducing corrosion in a water treatment system is to use chemical inhibitors like neutralizing amines and filming amines, or “polyamines”. This paper discusses the chemistry and mechanism of filming amines in greater detail, addresses the main factors that affect film formation and corrosion inhibition performance of filming amines, and examines why these materials are experiencing a resurgence in water treatment applications.

A good film forming amine would be the commercially available Duomeen OL.

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The role of hydrophobic modifications of polymers for scale control

By Klin Rodrigues PhD; and Jan Sanders

While it is known that non-ionic modifications of polymers improve scale control performance, the role of hydrophobic modifications of polymers for carbonate scale control has not been widely studied to date. This paper investigates the impact of hydrophobic substitutions of polymers for carbonate scale control, and how they can produce superior performance and lower formulation costs for water treaters.

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Non-phosphorus/non-P based scale inhibitors for calcium carbonate scale control (follow-up to the paper above)

By Klin Rodrigues, PhD; Matthew Vanderhoof; and Jan Sanders

Phosphorus (P) free regulations are becoming more common in numerous areas, and Polymaleic (PMA) materials have been the state-of-the-art for non-P calcium carbonate scale control for a long time. This paper compares the cost-performance of low toxicity new and novel non-P calcium carbonate scale inhibitors to both solvent and aqueous-based PMAs under various conditions, including fully formulated systems. It also explores how this can allow the formulator to obtain superior performance while minimizing polymer costs in the formulation.

The non-P calcium carbonate scale inhibiting polymer tested in this paper is now commercially available as Aquatreat AR-888.

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