Witbreak DRB-271

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Speciality Polymer

Nonionic resin oxyalkylate water in oil demulsifier

  • Product name

    Witbreak DRB-271
  • Brand

  • Chemical family

    Speciality Polymer
  • Regional availability

    Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America
  • Chemical name

    Oxyalkylated Resin
  • Applications

    Witbreak DRB-271 is a resin oxyalkylate. This emulsion-breaker works by effectively neutralizing the strength of the natural emulsifying agent, allowing the finely dispersed water droplets to coalesce. As the tiny water droplets merge into progressively larger and heavier drops, the water settles and the oil rapidly rises to the top. The result is a sharp, well-defined oil/water interface and bright, clean and marketable oil.

Market Segments


Detailed description

Witbreak DRB-271 is a resin oxyalkylate.


  • Emulsion Breaking


  • Production

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