Thanks to our world-class nitrile technology and ethoxylation capabilities, Nouryon has become one of the leading suppliers of adjuvants to the agricultural market.

Creative Solutions for Tough Challenges

Adjuvants increase the effectiveness of a pesticide formulation by helping the active ingredient perform the way it is intended to on the surface of the target, through methods of wetting, spreading, penetration, retention or other modes of action. Our adjuvants are reliable, cost-effective surfactants that can be incorporated into in-can formulations or as spray adjuvants, also known as tank mix additives.

Product Lines

Our innovative Adsee™ product portfolio contains high-quality adjuvant solutions for your specific needs and challenges, with proven performance in bio-efficacy and yield. Our flagship Berol® product portfolio contains a full line of nonionic and anionic surfactants which act as versatile wetting agents and emulsifiers that will round out your formulation no matter how complex.

These product lines and many more have evolved to become the core of our agrochemical platform. Our goal is to deliver ever more innovative solutions in greener chemistries for use with diverse co-formulants.


Ear of corn in green cornfield