Cleaning products that are safer for the environment are part of a global trend to embrace and protect the world we live in.

From household degreasers to the toughest industrial and institutional cleaning solutions, we continue to discover innovative ways to provide our partners with environmentally-friendly, natural and cost-effective products.

Water-based degreasing, customized surfactant blends, hard-surface cleaning – whatever it is you need, we have the expertise and customer support resources to deliver.

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New Product Spotlight: Ethylan TB345

A more sustainable, water-miscible defoamer, Ethylan TB345 will help household and industrial cleaning formulators meet growing customer need for environmentally safe and cost-effective products that do not compromise on performance. It is an excellent alternative to what is currently on the market while being inherently biodegradable, non-persistent and label-free. Read the Press Release

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