From drilling mud additives to well-bore clean-up detergents and cementing retarders, we have everything you need to develop a high-performance formulation.

Nouryon offers a full range of surfactant- and polymer-based additives to help customers develop both high-performance and basic oil-based and water-based drilling mud formulations. Our research staff works daily to develop novel products that address the key challenges facing the drilling market today.

Water-based drilling fluids

Water-based drilling muds have always been desirable due to their low cost and the availability of the water used to make up the fluid. Although they are the fluid of choice in environmentally sensitive locations, they do pose some technical challenges at times, such as:

  • Fluid loss
  • Stabilizing shales
  • Poor rheological control at high temperatures


To help our customers overcome these challenges, we offer a portfolio of additives that can be used to extend the performance for this type of drilling fluid. Our water-soluble polymers are effective deflocculants – stabilizing the fluid rheology as temperature and pressure conditions change.

Other drilling mud additives in our portfolio include biocides, corrosion inhibitors and cleaning surfactants (for effective well-bore clean-up and fluid displacement during cementing and completion operations). Our high-performance Armoclean line of detergents and wetting agents are cost-effective and have excellent environmental and eco-tox profiles.

Oil-based drilling fluids

The industry has preferred oil-based drilling muds for decades due to their effective fluid loss control, shale inhibition properties and drill-bit lubrication, especially at higher temperatures.

To help formulators develop oil-based drilling fluids for a variety of field conditions, we provide a wide range of additive solutions. Many of these functional additives are components that can be built into the emulsifier package, which stabilizes the internal aqueous phase, develops fluid rheology and prevents fluid loss.


Cementing a well is essential to maintaining production quality and well integrity. The cement must be low-viscosity for pumping and must not begin to set before being placed in the desired location, even as the temperature rises. However, it should set with high strength as soon as possible after placement.

Our Versa-TL and Narlex products, which act as retarders and cement rheology stabilizers, are particularly effective at elevated temperatures. These additives can also prevent fluid loss and provide gas migration control when formulated.


Cleaners are critical in achieving performance requirements in diverse applications, including:

  • Cleaning and degreasing rig equipment
  • Tank cleaning
  • Drill-cuttings cleaning
  • Cement-spacer cleaning
  • Wellbore-cleaning spacer systems
  • Removal of screen blockage and wellbore emulsions
  • Reservoir rock cleaning
  • Reservoir wettability changes


Nouryon has a long history of producing highly efficient surfactant-based cleaning products for a variety of markets — these solutions are sold in oilfield under the Armoclean brand name.