ElfaMoist AC Humectant

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With ElfaMoist AC humectant, formulators can create the finest skin care products

  • Product name

    ElfaMoist AC Humectant
  • Brand

  • Regional availability

    Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America
  • INCI Name


Market Segments

Personal care

Detailed description

Non-tacky humectant for high performing formulations with deep, instant and long-lasting moisturization (30 hours) benefit after single application.


  • Moisturizer


  • Antiperspirants or Deodorants,
  • Depilatory and Shaving,
  • Moisturizer,
  • Skin Cream and Lotion,
  • Sun Protection,
  • Bath and Shower Products,
  • Color Cosmetic,
  • Self Tanner,
  • SkinGel,
  • Treatment

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