Aquatreat AR 6

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Polyacrylic acid in an aqueous solution used in water treatment and sludge conditioning

  • Product name

    Aquatreat AR 6
  • Brand

  • Chemical family

  • Regional availability

    North America
  • Chemical name

    Polyacrylic acid
  • Applications

    Boiler water dispersant, sludge conditioner.

Market Segments

Water Treatment

Detailed description

AQUATREAT® AR 6 polyacrylic acid is supplied in the form of a clear, colorless, stable, aqueous solution.   AQUATREAT® AR 6 is used in water treatment and sludge conditioning.      


  • Mineral and Pigment Dispersant,
  • Scale inhibitor,
  • Conditioning Agent,
  • Dispersing Agent,
  • Scale Removal and Control


  • Mineral Dispersion,
  • Scale Control and Removal,
  • Scale Inhibitors